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What does success really mean?

Lately it seems like everywhere I turn there’s 30 before 30 lists. I can’t escape them. I’ve read a couple of them and every time I do I feel drained by the last point.

There’s so much expected from us. Too much we have to accomplish “before it’s too late”. Before the chance of being “someone in life” (what the hell does that even mean, anyway) is lost the day you turn the big three-O.

Well, guys and girls, this week I turned twenty-nine so, according to the internet, I’m officially screwed.


What does success really mean

This has got me thinking a lot about what success really means.  We live in a world where everything seems to revolve around how much money you make and how much stuff you own. It seems that we’ve been predisposed into thinking that if you don’t earn a ton shit of money, or if you’re not a recognized personality (even if it’s for doing reality TV), or that if you are not a successful business person by the time you’re thirty then you’re no one. Your personal life may be in shambles, you may be unhappy and feeling burned, but if your professional life is on the rise then, congratulations, you are doing everything you’re supposed to be doing. If not, well you are the definition of failure.

Talk about pressure!

What does success really mean

I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone’s success is different. What makes you happy may be the opposite of what I want for my life. And that’s all right! We are all different so we shouldn’t kill ourselves trying to fit into someone else’s idea of what makes you a successful person, and we definitely shouldn’t bring ourselves down when we don’t meet others’ expectations.

Success comes in many shapes and forms, and it varies from people to people and what matters most to THEM!

What does success really mean- grand canyon

For me…

Success comes from working hard to live the life that you want.

It means being grateful for the moments that make you happy, and being humble enough to notice them when they’re there. It’s being able to find meaning in the low-key moments, but also having the ability to be astounded by the ones that take your breath away.

It’s fighting for love.

Refusing to give up.

It means knowing yourself so deeply that you’re aware of what makes you happy. It’s also being brave enough to go after it.

It’s not worrying about what other people might think of you and never judging other people’s choices.

What does success really mean- horseshoe bend

It’s living life as fully as you can, and appreciating the fact that you’re alive and healthy.

It’s speaking loud enough so that you make your opinions heard, but quiet enough so that you listen to others.

It’s trying things that you know you’ll be terrible at and surrounding yourself with people to try them with.

It’s choosing to be with people that make you laugh, but who are also thoughtful enough to be there when you need them.

Embracing change.

Making new friends. Meeting new people.

What does success really mean

Learning new languages.

Understanding that your worth will never be tied to what you own.

Finding time everyday to do the things you have to do, but never neglecting the ones you love.

Being passionate. In every sense of the word.

It’s taking care of and loving yourself. It’s also being kind to others.

It’s about fighting routine, but recognizing habits that make you healthy and happy and doing them every single day.

What does success really mean

Leaving that job you hate. Working hard for the one you love.

Walking away from that relationship that you’re into just because it’s comfortable.

It’s being hungry for knowledge.

Reading. Traveling. Listening to music you would never listen to.

Feeling stormy emotions. Making your heart beat fast.

Risking what is safe.

And above all, being true to yourself.

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