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When we were living in California (and while we still had cable) there was a show we never misssed: Master Chef. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but also kinda not. Like my beloved Joey would say, “What’s not to like?” 1) Food. Good 2) Drama. Good. 3) Guaranteed tears on my face. Good. 4) Gordon Ramsey shouting at people. Goood.
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I was eager to buy flagyl from canadabehind. I ended up having a good time, yes, but I’ll admit relief washed over me as the longboat that was taking us to Koh Lanta sped away from its white beach. I was ready for a new destination, new views, and most of all: food as far away from Tonsai Tummy as I could get.
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Tonsai held a promise. A promise of a laid back, barefoot, hippie, rock climbing, Bob Marley-esque paradise. It sounded perfect for our next destination afteri need to buy flagyl. We were heading to Railay because we wanted to try rock climbing, you know, on actual rocks for the first time.
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