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(Or that time I almost puked over the treetops)

I like my feet firmly planted on the ground. I’ve never skydived, bungy jumped, and even though I live for traveling, I absolutely hate flying. Sweaty-palms-freaking-out-here kind of hate. To top it off, I am prone to motion sickness, seasickness and basically any sickness that involves turning green as a result of moving.  So you’re probably wondering why on earth did I think it was a good idea to run off a cliff attached to a stranger and a fabric wing. Answer: because I was in Queenstown.
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(Or that time I crashed a three-wheeled cart)

The stories are true. Queenstown does have a magnetizing buzz. It pulls you, traps you, and doesn't let you go until you feel daring, awake, and alive. Three years ago we were planning on moving to Australia after our honeymoon, and since New Zealand has always seemed so magical and fun, we sneaked it into our travel itinerary. Plans, though, have a tendency to change, and we ended up living in Spain instead. Big big change, I know. Sadly, New Zealand would have to wait.
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