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There’s a canyon within Abel Tasman National Park, and not many people get to explore it. Even fewer get to jump off its cliffs, slide down its waterfalls, abseil down its rocks, zipline through its rainforest,  and swim in its jewel-like pools. Read that again. See how that sounds? We absolutely had to go canyoning in Abel Tasman. We chose the where can i buy flagyl online  trip with where can i buy flagyl 500 mg and it promised to be a day to remember.  God, it was.
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“We’ll be back.” These were our parting words as the water taxi left the golden sand of Abel Tasman National Park behind, and sped back to Kaiteriteri after our day hike. When putting together our itinerary for New Zealand, we devoured our Lonely Planet Guide, aka The Traveler’s Bible. It describes Abel Tasman Coast Track as “arguably NZ’s most beautiful Great Walk”.
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