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Freedom at Twenty Nine

Freedom at Twenty-Nine

This time last year I was writing this post. After publishing it I knew that my bucketlist was ambitious, especially since I only had 365 days to complete it. I knew it was nearly impossible to cross off every item, yet I dreamed of an adventure-filled year in which I could, through experiences, feel more alive than ever.

Freedom at twenty-nine

Never did I think that while most of the items would remain uncrossed, it would be my most exciting and heartbreaking year to date. I couldn’t have imagined that three months later an opportunity would come, one that we couldn’t say no to, and that by seizing this chance, I would leave all certainty behind.

I dreamed big, but life had bigger plans for me.

At twenty-eight I embarked on a life-altering, mind-blowing and heart-racing journey that would change my views, my beliefs, and who I am forever.

Freedom at twenty-nine

I’m writing this on a balcony in Paxos, Greece, while hens run around my feet, Isaac working by my side. I’m surrounded by olive groves, cypress trees, and bougambillias. The town center, where the smell of olive oil and roasted vegetables wafts down the cobblestone streets, is a one minute walk away. A fruit salad with Greek yoghurt is waiting for me by the harbor on a table with views of the Ionian Sea.

Tomorrow we set out to Santorini to celebrate my birthday and we might stay there for a week.

Life is more than I could’ve ever asked for. And I’m grateful for every single day of it.

While this year was also one of the hardest, even the moments of unbearable sadness made me feel completely alive.

Freedom at twenty-nine

In September I celebrated my birthday in Vegas. October came and we made the decision of selling everything we owned in Orange County and to move to Australia. We spent the holidays in Mexico with our families in December. In January, when a working-from-home opportunity came along, we took a chance: we decided to forget about renting an apartment, and instead we would just travel the world.

We spent summer in Australia with one of our oldest friends, and I met a girl who quickly became one of my best friends. Then, suddenly time stopped and my mom died. Plans changed again and I spent a month in Mexico trying to piece myself back together in March.

April found me in a tea ceremony in Singapore. I cried in May in Thailand, but I also learned Muay Thai, and yoga helped me begin healing.

In June, I meditated with Buddhist Monks in the sacred mountains of Koyasan. I hiked through the Japanese Alps with my sister in July. I spent 3 weeks with her and it was just what I needed to recharge for the months to come. In August we chased wild ponies in Dartmoor National Park with Isaac’s brother and his girlfriend. And now, we’re in Greece.

Freedom at twenty-nine

I have no attachments to places or things. I have no plans. No fixed destination. And while this statement may be too corny for the internet I’m writing it because it’s true: as long as I’m with Isaac, I’m home.

While this temporary freedom lasts I intend to make the most out of it. Because lets admit it, I know this isn’t forever. There’s so much more I want to see, learn, write, feel, and experience.

I’m beginning this year as a free woman. I’m eager, excited, restless, grateful, madly in love, and hungry for more.

Here’s to living the last year of my twenties with a bang.

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