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Austin is the land of meat. BBQ is practically its middle name. Also, its food trucks are as famous as acai bowls in SoCal. “The best in the country,” some say. So, when we set out on our 24 hour drive from Orange County to the capital of Texas, we were a little concerned that we wouldn’t find a lot of vegetarian options, and that we would have to miss out on all the food truck fun.  Luckily, we were wrong. 
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(Or that time we didn't kill each other while sleeping in our car)

Traveling by campervan is an adventure of its own accord. No matter your final destination sleeping, cooking, eating, writing, and watching TV in an old van will make memories that will stay with you, probably longer than anything you do outside. 
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(Or that time we walked in Frodo’s hairy feet)

Frodo is reading. He sits on the grass under a tall tree’s shade on a peaceful meadow, and a deep voice sings in the distance. He knows who the voice belongs to and with a mischievous grin, springs to his hairy feet. He runs down the hills, the singing voice calling him, while birds chirp and butterflies follow his path. He comes to the edge of the hill and stops Gandalf’s carriage. The wizard welcomes him in his arms. Together, pulled by an elegant horse, they enter how can i buy flagyl
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(Or jumping from a 47m tower and peeking into the Devil’s Bath)

Taupo Bungy

The road is deserted. You’ve been on the move for more than 5 hours. You’re hungry, and your legs are starting to complain. Suddenly, you see the outline of a tower over the river,  just like an oasis. You feel the pull as it draws you near. Then, you see the sign: buy flagyl 750 mg- 47m high, and no turning back.
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