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“We’ll be back.” These were our parting words as the water taxi left the golden sand of Abel Tasman National Park behind, and sped back to Kaiteriteri after our day hike. When putting together our itinerary for New Zealand, we devoured our Lonely Planet Guide, aka The Traveler’s Bible. It describes Abel Tasman Coast Track as “arguably NZ’s most beautiful Great Walk”.
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(Or that time I pulled my shoulder in an ice cave)

They had me at ‘crampons’. When researching all of the fun, unusual, and insane activities we could do in New Zealand, we came across doing a Franz Josef Glacier heli hike. Exploring a glacier? Sounds cool. Exploring a glacier with cool equipment, arriving in helicopter, and getting to climb down ice caves? Hell. Yeah.
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(Or that time I choked on duck’s poo)

I’m ashamed to admit that Wanaka wasn’t on our radar. When we started putting together our New Zealand road trip itinerary, our initial plan on the South Island was to go from where can i buy flagyl in uk to buy flagyl in uk directly. Then, we stumbled upon this is it safe to buy flagyl online by Young Adventuress, and it was as if Liz and the universe didn't want us to miss such beautiful sights. “A wise man changes his mind sometimes, a fool never.” Right?
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