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It’s been 4 moths since I started writing this post and I’ve been having the hardest time clicking “publish”. Guess I believe that in doing so, it makes it all definite. But I’ve come to realize that in sharing it, I’m honoring my time in California and that that’s exactly what I set out to do when I started writing it in the first place. So, here it is. 
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Three or four days. That’s exactly how long people say it’s enough to stay in Singapore. It may be enough for a quick run down of all the major sights and checking them off your list one by one, but it’s definitely not enough to let this amazing city captivate you. It’s not enough to, as it says by a sculpture by Bruno Catalano in Gardens by the Bay, "take with you beautiful memories and leave a part of yourself behind."
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(Or that time we walked in Frodo’s hairy feet)

Frodo is reading. He sits on the grass under a tall tree’s shade on a peaceful meadow, and a deep voice sings in the distance. He knows who the voice belongs to and with a mischievous grin, springs to his hairy feet. He runs down the hills, the singing voice calling him, while birds chirp and butterflies follow his path. He comes to the edge of the hill and stops Gandalf’s carriage. The wizard welcomes him in his arms. Together, pulled by an elegant horse, they enter buy flagyl metronidazole
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(Or places to swim in glacier water if you’re into that kind of thing)

Wild ocean, untamed glaciers, lush wilderness, icy pools, laid-back beach towns, you can find them all along a single road in the South Island: State Highway 6. It sounds like one hell of a road trip and we couldn’t wait to drive our buy flagyl suspension through here. We did this drive in 2 days, but we could’ve easily made it in 4. There’s just so much to see! One famous quote rang true in every mile of the West Coast: "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey." Some would argue it’s not about the destination or the journey, but about the company (and I would have to agree), but I digress
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