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Today is Isaac’s birthday. I'd like to think that I’ve had a knack for making this day very special for him ever since I met him (this is the 11th year I get to wish him happy birthday. How lucky am I?) This year, however, I had a tough time thinking what to get him.
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For most, one of the many perks of traveling is trying amazing dishes from all over the world. Some people travel to sample cuisines so different from what they’re used to that it blows their mind. They yearn to understand the people of the places they visit by tasting what they eat. But what happens when you love traveling but you’re a picky eater like myself? How do you immerse in the culture if only the smell of their gastronomy makes you sick? How do you survive?
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It’s been 4 moths since I started writing this post and I’ve been having the hardest time clicking “publish”. Guess I believe that in doing so, it makes it all definite. But I’ve come to realize that in sharing it, I’m honoring my time in California and that that’s exactly what I set out to do when I started writing it in the first place. So, here it is. 
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Today I’m one year older. Well, technically just a day older, but you get the gist. I’m one year closer to 30, fact that freaks me out more than I’m willing to share here. So, in the spirit of being as young now as I’ll ever be, and striving to live a life I will remember (thanks Avicii), I created a travel bucket list for this year. If not to have as a constant reminder of the things I want to see, do, and eat, then for the sake of imagining them. This list in particular may be a bit ambitious, but I’m looking forward to a great year. There’s no harm if I can’t cross every single item in here, I just gotta try.
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