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Cake Pops and Ceylon: High Tea at Woobar Singapore

High Tea is a big deal in Singapore. When I first heard about it I didn’t quite know what it was. I just knew that if tea was involved, I wanted in, especially after the incredible experience we had at the tea appreciation workshop in Chinatown.

After my extensive research of places that offer high tea, we booked it at the W hotel in Sentosa, at their Woobar.

Woobar Singapore

Our day in Sentosa hadn’t been off to a great start. I felt like the whole thing was too touristy and too fake. Almost like Disneyland but without the smiles and idiot-proof maps. We found it hard to know exactly where we were, and where we were going. Even if the buses are free, it still took us some time to figure out their system. Maybe it was just us (and like I told you before, that Isaac could be losing his GPS superpowers) or maybe Sentosa is just hard to understand.

The day was humid. Almost as humid as that steamy car scene in Titanic, and we got lost plenty of times, so we were a little tired and frustrated by the time we got to the bar. We thanked all higher powers that it was cool inside the hotel.

W Hotel Sentosa

Once we finally sat plopped down at our seats, we looked around. The bar is nice and spacious and it overlooks palm tress and the pool. The decor is minimalist, modern and sleek. I loved the egg-shaped swing chairs because, who doesn’t want to drink tea while swinging? But I was quickly disappointed when they sat us at one of their normal tables. Too grown up and boring for me.

W Hotel Singapore

They brought us the tea menu and as I read the words “Oolong, black, green…” all my tiredness melted away, and it was replaced by excitement. I couldn’t wait to see what a high tea was really about.

I ordered the Oolong and Isaac a Moroccan Mint green tea. I thought something was wrong when they brought us only a tiny a cup each. They didn’t leave the teapot or anything. Surely, this couldn’t be right. After all, I was under the impression that this was an “all you can drink” sort of deal, and when it comes to tea, trust me, I can hold my own.

W Hotel Singapore

W Hotel Sentosa

It turns out that I could have as much tea as I’d like, as long as I called someone over and asked for it. This got old after the 10th time I finished my cup and asked for more. It would be easier if they just left the teapot at the table and let you drink it at your own pace without having to bother someone every five minutes. I’m just saying…

Then, they brought out the food. You know the kind of moments when you see something and you just think “this is a perfect Instagram moment?” Well, if there ever was one, this was it. As soon as I saw the dainty birdcage I knew Isaac was going to have a field day taking pictures.

W Hotel Sentosa Singapore

W Hotel Sentosa

They brought out all kinds of finger food arranged in a silver birdcage which they hung next to our table. It was elegant and glamorous, and now the word “high” made all the sense in the world.

It was as pretty, clean and organised as Singapore itself.

From raspberry, chive, and passion fruit scones, to caramelized onion tart, coconut pannacotta, Szechuan biscotti, matcha cheese cake, chocolate cake pops, and even sour cream in a toothpaste container…it hardly even mattered if the food was good if it looked like this.

But it was good. So good.

Woobar Sentosa

We took our sweet time enjoying it all. A sip, a bite, and a sip again. We explored the flavors, slowly, as they rolled around in our mouth, while we talked, looked out the floor-to-ceiling window, and ordered more tea.

It was definitely more about the food than the tea but I tried not to be too disappointed.

At first it seemed like not a lot of food, but we ended a bite away from bursting, and a rainbow sprinkle away from collapsing into a sugar coma.

We could hardly move by the time they took the now completely empty birdcage away, so we just ordered more tea (yes, again. I bet our tea- pourer rolled his eyes just as you did now).

High Tea W Hotel


When we deemed ourselves ready to brave the heat, we went out into confusing Sentosa again.

Our next stop was the Singapore Luge When we rode it (and crashed it) in New Zealand we loved it, so we couldn’t leave Singapore without riding its night tracks. It was really fun, but in my opinion, it can’t be compared to the one in Queenstown. The views of the mountains and the ocean as you twist and turn in New Zealand can’t be beaten, but we did have a great time riding up the lift, and then going back down racing on the three-wheeled carts.

Luge Sentosa Singapore

After the frustrating start, it turned out to be a really fun day. Not at all what I expected, but great nonetheless. After all, a day with more than twenty (I kid you not) cups of tea can never be anything but great.

Sentosa Singapore

I don’t know if  all high teas have this little to do with tea or if it’s just this one, but I’m determined to find out.

If you have any high-tea recommendations please send them my way on the comments section below! 

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