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“We’ll be back.” These were our parting words as the water taxi left the golden sand of Abel Tasman National Park behind, and sped back to Kaiteriteri after our day hike. When putting together our itinerary for New Zealand, we devoured our Lonely Planet Guide, aka The Traveler’s Bible. It describes Abel Tasman Coast Track as “arguably NZ’s most beautiful Great Walk”.
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(Or places to swim in glacier water if you’re into that kind of thing)

Wild ocean, untamed glaciers, lush wilderness, icy pools, laid-back beach towns, you can find them all along a single road in the South Island: State Highway 6. It sounds like one hell of a road trip and we couldn’t wait to drive our buy flagyl free shipping through here. We did this drive in 2 days, but we could’ve easily made it in 4. There’s just so much to see! One famous quote rang true in every mile of the West Coast: "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey." Some would argue it’s not about the destination or the journey, but about the company (and I would have to agree), but I digress
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(Or that time I pulled my shoulder in an ice cave)

They had me at ‘crampons’. When researching all of the fun, unusual, and insane activities we could do in New Zealand, we came across doing a Franz Josef Glacier heli hike. Exploring a glacier? Sounds cool. Exploring a glacier with cool equipment, arriving in helicopter, and getting to climb down ice caves? Hell. Yeah.
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(Or that time we got drenched in Shadowland)

Shadowland. It sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Even a little enticing. Well, we found out it’s not just an expression or a cool nickname for Fiordland. It’s literally a land covered in shadows, fog, waterfalls, and a whole lot of rain.Also, it’s a place so beautiful it’s hard to believe it really exists.
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