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I’m a passionate person. When I like something, I love it with all I’ve got, almost obsessively, and I’m loyal to no end.Why am I telling you this about myself, you ask? Because one of those passions of mine is tea. Being a coffee hater, (how can you stand the smell?) I find that drinking tea is art-like. It’s elegant, and relaxing, and healing, and to put it bluntly: yum. During my extensive research of cool/different things to do in Singapore, I read that in Chinatown, there’s a teashop where you can take a tea appreciation workshop with a tea sommelier.
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Steve McQueen once said, “I’d rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth”. You may know that this isn’t far from my own truth. I like cities. I do. I love exploring new skyscraper-laden skies, bursting with colors, people and smells, but I usually find that after a few days, the urge to go somewhere quieter, towards nature, begins to pull. 
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This is, by far, the hardest post I’ve ever written. As I stare at the blank page, I can’t help but blink back tears. This is something I’ve got to do, though. Not for someone to read, not because I want to share what I’ve learned this past month (even though I do), but for me. To get it out. To do what I always do, because I know that somehow, in the way it always does, it will help. I need to write it.

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Some time last month, I was at my best friend’s wedding in Playa del Carmen when Isaac called me. The news: he had to travel to Hawai’i for work. The question: would I like to join him? Seriously. He thought he had to ask. My sister, Pao, would be staying with us for that week so she also tagged along. buy flagyl 500 mg
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