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Phuket scared me. I’m not a fan of overly-tourist destinations, nor of drunk backpackers and fake places that seem so devoid of culture that you could never guess in what country you really are. Every guide, blog and forum I’d read about Phuket hinted that it would be exactly the kind of place I could never really like.
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For most, one of the many perks of traveling is trying amazing dishes from all over the world. Some people travel to sample cuisines so different from what they’re used to that it blows their mind. They yearn to understand the people of the places they visit by tasting what they eat. But what happens when you love traveling but you’re a picky eater like myself? How do you immerse in the culture if only the smell of their gastronomy makes you sick? How do you survive?
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When we were living in California (and while we still had cable) there was a show we never misssed: Master Chef. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but also kinda not. Like my beloved Joey would say, “What’s not to like?” 1) Food. Good 2) Drama. Good. 3) Guaranteed tears on my face. Good. 4) Gordon Ramsey shouting at people. Goood.
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I was eager to buy flagyl 750 mgbehind. I ended up having a good time, yes, but I’ll admit relief washed over me as the longboat that was taking us to Koh Lanta sped away from its white beach. I was ready for a new destination, new views, and most of all: food as far away from Tonsai Tummy as I could get.
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