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Working out and trying activities in new places are two of the things I enjoy the most. The problem is that putting the two of them together can often result in something too intense, too dangerous or way out of my comfort zone. Before arriving in Thailand, I knew that I didn’t want to leave without taking at least one Muay Thai class.  What can be more appropriate than learning the national sport?
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This time last year I was writing buy flagyl fast shipping. After publishing it I knew that my bucketlist was ambitious, especially since I only had 365 days to complete it. I knew it was nearly impossible to cross off every item, yet I dreamed of an adventure-filled year in which I could, through experiences, feel more alive than ever.
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As soon as I laid eyes on Rainforest Camp I knew one night wouldn’t be enough. Since our time in Thailand is coming to an end, I have no trouble saying that it was the most special place we stayed at on our entire Thailand trip.
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Ever since we came back from Elephant Hills and Rainforest Camp I’ve been trying to come up with the words I need to use to make this experience justice. At some point I understood that there’s no way I can show you exactly what makes these places so exceptional. It’s like being witness of such a spectacular sunset that you try and try to capture it with your camera, until you realize that anything you say, or as many photos as you take, they will never be enough to capture exactly why that moment is so magical. I’m definitely gonna try though. Because, truly, this is one of the most special experiences we’ve had in Thailand and I can’t wait to share it with you.
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