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6 Reasons Couples Who Travel in a Campervan Together Stay Together

(Or that time we didn’t kill each other while sleeping in our car)

Traveling by campervan is an adventure of its own accord. No matter your final destination sleeping, cooking, eating, writing, and watching TV in an old van will make memories that will stay with you, probably longer than anything you do outside. 

Campervan Breakfast New Zealand

New Zealand Road Trip Campervan

A camper gives you the freedom to move wherever you want to, at whatever time feels right, with everything you could ever need right inside. 

Traveling in a campervan as a couple, however, is an experience on a whole new level.

Exploring New Zealand together, in a Jucy Cabana brought us even closer together. It wasn’t all easy. In fact, I’m pretty sure Isaac wanted to throw me out in my sleep sometimes, but the hard times made us stronger, and the good, well, they were far better than we could’ve ever hoped.

Jucy Campervan Road Trip

So, without any further ado, we give you the reasons why couples who travel in a campervan together, stay together. 

1) Get to Know Each Other Better- whether you want to or not

Living or traveling together is one thing. But traveling together in a campervan is the easiest way to learn your partner’s dirty little secrets, and for yours to be uncovered. Trust me, there’s no way you can escape this, so don’t even try. The space is so small, the road long, and the time together, plenty. It’s all too much to be anyone but your true snoring-self.  But look at this as a good thing. It’s the perfect opportunity to find out if you truly are as compatible and as good for each other as you thought you were. 

Jucy Campervan Road Trip

2) Talk to Each Other – there’s nowhere to run

When you’re traveling around in a camper, there’s really so much you can do. We played board games, guessing games, we wrestled, had pillow fights, and sometimes we even enjoyed our company in silence. But mostly, we talked. We talked about our day, our impressions of the cool or crazy activity we’d done on the trip, about the stains on the ceiling, the spiderwebs on the side mirror, and about our future dreams. And you know what? Talking is often underrated. It brings you closer to the people around you, and makes a couple’s bond stronger. Sure, our Jucy Cabana had a TV for playing DVD’s, but we never turned it on. We took advantage of the peace and quiet, and of being in the middle of nowhere with each other, to actually be with each other.

Jucy Campervan

Jucy Campervan Road Trip

3) Make it Work – or drive each other crazy

Living in a campervan is tricky. It’s a tiny space that you have to share with another breathing, eating, sleeping human being…and their luggage. Lots and lots of luggage, if you are me. 

Besides juggling travel plans and coming back to the camper after spending hours hiking glaciers, rafting waterfalls , or whatever adventure you find yourself into, you’ll have to also manage your camper. In the mornings it’s a normal van that takes you places. When you stop, it becomes your kitchen and dining room; at night, it becomes your bedroom. It’s your job to transform the van into all those things, because trust me, it won’t do it on its own. (Even if you sometimes pray to everything that’s holy that it will.) To really make it work, you have to figure out and develop a system with your partner, as a team. Otherwise, your living space could quickly become the last place you wanna be. And, since most of the time it’s the only place where you can actually be, you don’t want that to happen. Plus, nothing makes a couple stronger like knowing that as a team, you kick ass.

New Zealand Road Trip Jucy Campervan

Jucy Campervan Bed

4) Learn to Compromise – and make the most out of the trip

Traveling in a campervan gives you freedom. It’s one of its fabulous perks. But when you’re enjoying the camper with someone else, it means that you’ll likely want to enjoy that freedom in different ways. This is when compromise comes along. You can’t do everything at once. So you and your partner will have to make sacrifices to make the most out of your time. Learning to compromise while on the road will make it so much easier to compromise in your daily life, and that’s a huge step towards a strong relationship. 

Queenstown signs

For example, Isaac really wanted to go canyoning in Abel Tasman and I preferred to spend two days hiking the park. We agreed that we could go canyoning. A week later, driving through Rotorua, we had some time in our hands and I wanted to visit Hobbiton, while Isaac thought it was too “touristy”. Given that we’d go canyoning, we decided to go together to Hobbiton. And, as it turns out, we both loved canyoning and Hobbiton. 

5) Laugh Like You’ve Never Laughed Before – and relish every second of it

Tiredness, hours on the road, just the two of you, in scenery that makes you believe you’re the only ones on the planet make the perfect recipe for one thing: pee-in-your-pants laughter. And believe me, it’s true when they say that laughter is important in a relationship. Having a good time, and being able to have a good laugh out of little things will make you appreciate you partner and your relationship in a whole new way. 

New Zealand Roadtrip Campervan

Jucy Campervan New Zealand


6) Adventure Makes You Stronger –  as a person and as a couple

You may think that traveling in a campervan does not qualify as adventure. And I would’ve agreed, before I actually did it myself.  Sleeping and bathroom arrangements alone…animal encounters, national parks before dawn, and eating in the hood of the van. 

Jucy Campervan New Zealand Road Trip

And don’t let me get started on everything that can actually happen outside the van, since the possibilities are endless when you’re traveling as freely. 

But the truth is that these kind of weird, quirky experiences are what give your life meaning, what makes it all worthwhile. These are the stories you’ll want to tell over and over again, for years to come. Sharing them with the person you love will create a bond that will unite you forever. 

Jucy Campervan Bed New Zealand

Have you traveled in a campervan as a couple? Did it bring you together? What do you think are other experiences that bring you closer to your significant other?

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